Membership Procedure

The Bharat Jan Aadhaar Party is on a mission to bring a revolution in this country but things will not change without your support. As a member of the BJAP you will help us bring about a change. By becoming a member of the BJAP you will get the opportunity to participate in local and national events. You will also receive regular updates from the BJAP team about our events, campaigns and how you can get involved.

Anyone who have following quality are eligible to be member of "Bharat Jan Aadhaar Party"

1. शुभ अचार (Good Behaviour)
2. शुभ विचार (Good Thinking)
3. निश्कलंक जीवन (Stainless Life)
4. अपमान सहने की शक्ति (Patience to tolerate insult)
5. त्याग (Sacrifice)

As a member of "Bharat Jan Aadhaar Party" remember the following :

1. Nation First
2. Party Next
3. Self Last

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