From the desk of : General Secretary

Uploading Date July 29, 2016

NAME :   Jagannath Bhandary

BORN :  Shimoga, Karnataka

RESIDENCE : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


OCCUPATION : Industrialist, Social Activists

ASSOCIATED : CHEMEXCIL, associated with TIMA as a Vice-President, associated with Crime
Preventaion Forum as NGO/Chief Coordinator.

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Shri Jagannath Bhandary - General Secretary of Bharat Jan Aadhaar Party
• Born & Studied at : Shimoga, Karnataka
• Graduate in Science and obtained approval as manufacturing chemist
• After few year of service in chemical industries started own unit in 1984
• He is associated with Basic Chemical Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics, Export Promotion Council (CHEMEXCIL) - Member of Comittee of Administration
• He is associated with CRIME PREVENTION FORUM as NGO / Chief Co-ordinator. The organisation arranges meeting with law enforcement agencies and general public
• Presently Vice-President of the one of the biggest Industrial Association namely "Tarapur Industrial Manufacturers Association (TIMA)" in Maharashtra.
• He is interested in educating public against unfair contract terms, unfair conduct consumer protection, unliftment of down trodden, right for education, employment and to work for the general agenda of "Bharat Jan-Aadhaar Party"
• Even though successive Govt. and Leaders have announced and tried to implement several incentives and schemes they have leaders and the Govt. have substantially failed to reach result intended for. The Bharat Jan-Aadhaar Party motto will be implement such schemes which will be practical and will bring the intended results.

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