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Let us make NAV BHARAT !!

Dear fellow citizens,

So many political parties are there in our country, made unsurable to follow Indian about democracy. Leaders participating in election with 25% to 35% votes, they become leaders and ruling in very different manners. Bharat Jan Aadhaar Party (BJAP) with fixed moral norms and transparent administration.

Fellow citizen, now the time has came to correct ourselves and democratic systems. One corrupt leader is selected by 25% to 35% votes. But 65% to 70% people are not at all participating in electoral process. We make them to vote for good candidates and to elect as our leader. Last 70 years our country ruled by corrupt leaders made us to pay huge taxes with minimum amenities. We new Bharat Jan Aadhaar Party (BJAP) would like to make NAV BHARAT.

Please all votes support us !!

Author : Sri Jagannath Bhandary ( General Secretary - BJAP )       Posted On : 8 April, 2018

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Nayeem Alam  Apr 09,2018 09:48

BJAP is the only political party that enjoys the confidence of the people.

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