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NAME :   Govind Ragho Khairnar

TITLED :   One Man Demolition Army

BORN :  14th April, 1942

RESIDENCE : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


OCCUPATION : Ex-Deputy Commissioner, BMC

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Govind Ragho Khairnar is a former civil servant in Mumbai's Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation who rose from the rank of Clerk to Deputy Commissioner. He was known for his uprightness and fearlessness while carrying out his duties in the face of political opposition. He was brought to trial for supposed insubordination and heavy-handedness but was cleared of these charges. He is still hailed as a hero of the middle-class Indian.

Khairnar was known for rescuing minor girls from human trafficking and prostitution. He used eunuchs to rescue minor girls from Kamathipura, a red light district in Mumbai.

While in Gujarat his health suffered a setback due to his experiments with naturopathy and thereby lacking essential salts in his body.

Source : Wikipedia

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